Negar Bouban is an Iranian musician, musicologist, composer and Oud player, born in 1973 in Tehran.

She has been working for more than two decades in research and university teaching, while at the same time pursuing her career as both a composer, and a performing and recording musician with ensembles, as well as solo. A major aspect of her music is the art of improvisation, which is a distinctive part of her concerts.

Negar has a PhD in Art Studies, in the inter-disciplinary field of Linguistics and Musicology, in which she wrote her thesis on Foundations of Rhythm in Persian Language and Dastgah music.

Here is a recent version of Negar's CV, and to hear more about Negar, her ideas and what she has done, in more detail,
there are five interviews on Alnadi-podcast channels on Soundcloud and YouTube.
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By: Maneli Rasouli
Acrylic, 100 × 100